Education, culture, sports

The importance of education can be noticed already on coat of arm where the town of Põlva represents a cock from an ABC book with a pointer. There are eight educational institutions from providing knowledge, training and good learning environment. 


In summertime, interesting music festivals are held in Põlva. 2011 was the first time for harmonica players to get together and play music. ?resize(300x200)

Festival of the New Era is mostly targeted to young people - good music and visuals on the walls, taking place in tender August nights.


The inhabitants of Põlva have always been positive, youthful and fond of sports. In and outside the town one can practise lots of activities, from swimming to riding. The new gymnasium provides excellent opportunities for sports and the shooting gallery of Põlva has been the hothouse of top sportsmen who hit targets at various competitions. Handball, which can be practised in the local sports school, has been undoubtedly popular in Põlva. The professional players from the Serviti Handball Club have become the masters of Estonia four times and the club is also a serious competitor outside Estonia.

The varied landscape offers inexhaustible opportunities for those who like running, orienteering or cycling. This surely facilitates the success of the sportsmen of the Kobras Orienteering Club at competitions and urges them to organise sports events.

In addition to sports the inhabitants of Põlva are engaged in art and music. In the Põlva Art School one can learn painting, graphic arts and ceramics; the works of various artists are displayed in the Maarja Gallery. The Music School provides musical education and the E STuudio, an ensemble of young people, the brass band, the small symphony orchestra and a number of choirs also practise actively.

Lootospark is a football stadium which is a cooperative project between Põlva Town, Estonian Football Federation and Football Club Lootos. This stadium is covered with a 3rd generation synthetic lawn and its lighting and heating systems are equipped according to international requirements. The stadium was officially opened on November 7th 2004. 


In 2005 the stadium was assinged to "B" licence, which allows to carry out here Premiership and Championship matches during Estonian Football Championship.



Sport facilities

  • Intsikurmu Health track (2,5 km)
  • Intsikurmu downhill
  • Põlva main stadium
  • Põlva Sport Centre
  • Põlva Shooting range
  • Põlva High-school sport fields
  • Mesikäpa Hall (inside sport hall)
  • Tennis court
  • Beach sport courts
  • Lootuspark (football stadium)
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