The small city lying between hills has lots of greenery, quiet and beauty, which just allure to spend your free time here. Intsikurmu forest park, which offers scenic beauty, singing birds and also winding tracks through the forest, is a pleasant place for people who want to take a walk or pursue sports. An open-air stage for choir singing, where the first Estonian song festivals were held in the years 1855 and 1857, has made Intsikurmu famous throughout Estonia. The open-air stage can hold about 3,500 singers but all who are eager can dance on the grass in front of it. Entertaining open-air parties and concerts attract you to have a good time!

?resize(300x200)The beach of Lake Põlva is the best place for enjoying the pleasures of summer: swimming and sunbathing, playgrounds and walking trails, boat-trips and fishing. And naturally, there is enough sunshine, water and warm air for everyone The artificial lake, which draws its water from the Orajõgi River, flowing through the lake, has become a popular holiday spot after having been dredged and renovated. The peat island in the centre of the lake has unique installation of lights to admire at dark time.

One of the favourite places of the inhabitants of Põlva is surely J. Hurt’s Park; sitting on the bench near the monument and watching the bright play of colours of the fountain one can fall in deep contemplation together with the outstanding folklorist Jakob Hurt.
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