About the year 1240, a bishop of the Bernardine religious order founded St. Mary’s Church. The monks of the Bernhardine order adored valleys and respected reserved manners and thus they commenced the construction of the church in the valley. Legend has it that the Devil came every night to destroy the building. The old wise man was called upon and he recommended someone be immured in the wall of the church. The next day it was asked who would like to hold the keys to the church. A girl called Maarja (Mary) said that she would. The girl was given the bunch of keys and immured in the wall in a kneeling position. Since then the Devil did not destroy the church any more and the construction work was successfully completed. The church was named St. Mary’s (Maarja) after the young girl.


Põlva arose in the 15th century around the church which had been built at the crossroads of trade routes. In 1961, Põlva region was formed, and this remarkably promoted the development of Põlva, new enterprises and residential buildings were constructed and the number of citizens grew fast. In 1993, Põlva was granted the status of a town. Today this beautiful town is the home of 6,334 people who feel quite comfortable on its area of 5.5 square kilometres.

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