Põlva Rural Municipality

Põlva Rural Municipality was formed on 22.10.2017 by joining of previous Ahja municipality, Laheda municipality, Mooste municipality, Põlva municipality and Vastse-Kuuste municipality, The center of the municipality is in Põlva. Põlva is a center of Põlva county too.

Population: 13 339   (1.12.2023)
Area: 705,9 km2


There are two municipal kindergartens in Põlva municipality what operates in eight locations.
Põlva Roosi (Rose) School has a kindergarten group for children with special needs.
The private educational institution Johannese Kool and Lasteaed Rosma operate as a kindergarten-basic school.


There are six municipal general education schools in Põlva municipality: Põlva School, Põlva Rose School, Ahja School named after Friedebert Tuglas, Mooste Manor School,  Tilsi Basic School and Vastse-Kuuste School.

There are Public school Põlva Gymnasium and two private schools: Johannes School and Kindergarten at Rosma and lutheran school Põlva Jacob's School 


Cultural groups
There are 59 cultural groups in the municipality: dance-, folkdance-, song-, handicraft- and music groups and 3 amateur theaters.
We have 26 community and village fellowships and 13 village centers.
There are 5 cultural houses: Põlva, Ahja, Mooste, Vana-Koiola and Vastse-Kuuste.
There is Mooste Manor Foundation, which also brings together several cultural associations and buildings.


There is one public library in the municipality - Põlva Central Library, which includes 12 branch libraries: Ahja, Himmaste, Kauksi, Kiidjärve, Kiuma, Mooste, Peri, Rasina, Taevaskoja, Tilsi, Vanaküla and Vastse-Kuuste libraries.


Põlva has four sports halls, five stadiums of different sizes, seven sports- and eight playgrounds for small children. In cooperation with the third sector, several public sports fields and playgrounds are located in the villages.


Social services
Põlva Day Care Center - home care service, provision of leisure opportunities for the elderly and disabled, laundry and shower service, housing service;
24-hour general care service: Põlva Parish Care Home and Laheda Social Center
Foundation Tilsi Perekodu- substitute care and aftercare service
Põlva Roosi School - childcare service