LYCEUM Local Youngsters Creating European Unique Movements

Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.2 "Networks of Towns"

Period: 2019– 2022

The project will bring together 28 European local communities to collaborate and learn from each other on the topic of Euroscepticism.

The title of the project, Lyceum, reminds us of the movement of travelling lecturers bringing education to rural communities, similar to this project. It will travel through Europe and offer knowledge on certain topics seen from different point of views, such as political, geographical, historical, sociological, artistic, etc.

The aims are to decrease the level of Euroscepticism in small rural communities, exchange knowledge based on good practices, debate about the future of Europe, and other rather important political matters (Brexit, Immigrant crises, EP Elections, etc.)

The project partners will use a new set of skills and knowledge gained during the project to improve civic participation and local activities among young people in their communities.

The project will consist of seven meetings, which will be innovative and interactive, and will consist of workshops, teamwork, trainings, interactive and empirical games, debates, round tables, and brainstorming.

Through the activities of the project, tolerance and mutual understanding between European citizens, as well as the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity should strengthen, with the contribution to the intercultural dialogue. In all the meetings, best practices will be adopted to reduce the level of Euroscepticism, and increase the rate of solidarity.