More than 200 companies offer their services or manufacture different products in the town of Põlva. Our people construct houses and roads, manufacture gluelam structures, process timber, produce cardboard, bake bread, provide tourism services, treat patients, teach children, sell goods, sew garments, design buildings and are engaged in other activities.

Recently, a new shopping centre has been built, a new up-to-date gymnasium and other structures have been renovated.

The Põlva Consumers Association, founded 70 years ago, is a company with lasting traditions. Today the association unites 25 different enterprises in the field of commerce and catering.

The largest manufacturing company and employer of the town is AS Põlva Piim, a dairy founded in 1965. The products of the company include various dairy products. The majority of skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder, powder mixtures, butter and butter-vegetable oil mixtures are exported to the European Union.

About two thirds of Nycomed products sold in Estonia are manufactured in the pharmaceutical plant of Nycomed SEFA, located in Põlva. The production capacity of the plant, which was opened in 1992, has increased six fold and today more than one hundred different product items, including medicines, vitamins and skin care products are manufactured.

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